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By Jose Geraldine Garlit, National SASOSD Manager
Domestic Sales

What Gets Measured
Gets Managed

Despite the challenges, we still hit milestones and broke barriers!

In 2021, Domestic Retail Sales Business still grew by +6%.

We are proud of the concerted efforts of our WARrior Tribes:
Modern Trade’s “Yes We Can!” vibes,
General Trade’s “Solid SISO push”,
Trade Marketing’s winning attitude and determination,
Sales Finance’s attention to detail,
e-Commerce’s digital hype and expansion,
and the Sales Support Group’s initiatives in providing business tools and sales reports for business continuity despite this pandemic.

By simply evaluating or measuring activities, our actions can change for the better. That’s why we need CrystalSky. 
Why do we need CrystalSky reports? So we can better see the full business picture and deep dive into the granularity of it. CrystalSky provides structured information that inspires us to make better business decisions.

Why do we need better business decisions? So we can achieve what we planned in our JTBDs and significantly contribute to the growth of CPFI.
The company with the best and organized data wins.
CPFI’s unique and snowballing internal data is golden, and THIS we promise to contribute to and grow year on year.


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