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“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” - Albert Einstein


The year 2021 has taught us a lot of things-- things that would either make or break us, circumstances that would define who we are as a person and as a company, and that how we react and decide reflect not just our personal, but also our corporate values.

The first few months of 2022 have proven to be yet another tough year for CPFI. While we were excited to welcome new members to our growing organization, we also saw the untimely demise of our beloved Ms. Daisy Engle of Corporate Research and Development. She has indeed left a huge impact to the organization and to everyone who had the opportunity to work with her. She will be missed.

With 3 more quarters of the year left, let’s prepare ourselves for a tough but exciting year ahead. Despite the uncertainty, we should all be pumped up and geared towards one goal. We must be able to capitalize on the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of each and every one of us, and at the same time harness the value of teamwork in all of our activities. Let’s seek bigger markets, develop new products, scale new heights, and challenge the status quo.

As the saying goes, there is a time for everything. No one said it’s going to be easy, but know that it will be worth it. With every setback is a chance to propel ourselves further. It’s time to fire the slingshot!

The Centurion Team

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