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By Joel Saavedra
HR Manager
General Tuna Corporation
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At General Tuna Corporation (GTC), we ensure that our Company Values are part of the daily lives of all employees. As the export arm of Century, it is a must that we perform and produce quality products and instill a work culture of consistency and constant improvement.

As part of GTC practice, prior to any work activity, we discuss our plant goals and directions to ensure that our employees are reminded of our core values. Supervisors emphasize respect for the individual by assessing and coaching other workers who are not yet familiar with the job, teamwork in order to meet the daily target together, and passion for excellence by not settling on mediocre achievements, but instead explore other areas where they could excel further. Finally, malasakit, as we do our part to reduce costs with efficiency and proper recovery.


A perfect example where we put our core values into practice would be our can and pouch-cutting activities. In production, we have daily can and pouch-cutting activities for both day and night shift operations. This is a sensory evaluation process of a day-old product to ensure that all products produced in a single shift per day are of excellent quality. A production shift's performance is measured by the output’s appearance, taste, texture, odor, and variant weights. Production efficiencies, recoveries, and other goals are also discussed, while downtimes and manpower requirements are addressed as operational concerns. 

Representatives from production line, quality control, sanitation, engineering, and from our service providers attend these activities to ensure that the same quality is cascaded to all levels of the organization. Through these initiatives, we exhibit how we apply our core values at the forefront and embody the true meaning of living the Century way.

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