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By Kamille Corpuz
Program Manager
CPG-RSPo Foundation, Inc.

“Have our capacities been so diminished by the small efforts we are becoming incapable even of the small things? Our present problems are surely not what might be called colossal or insurmountable - yet we stand helpless before them. As the population swells, those problems will expand and multiply. If they daunt us now, will they crush us then? The prospect is terrifying.” - Nick Joaquin, 1988


Today, society stands at an important crossroads. The path that we take hereon will not only determine our well-being, but also that of generations who will inhabit our planet after us. We can either accept that the world will be in severe climate disaster, go ahead with our daily lives like business as usual, or we can take corrective actions and move forward with preventive ones.


Three things will determine how we, as a human society, can adapt a sustainability state of mind and bring a positive change to our environment.

First is internal consciousness. We know how our life systems are based on the environment we live in. Looking back, our ancestors took only what is enough for them to ensure that the future generations will inherit a habitable planet. Now that the responsibility is in our hands, we need to realize and embrace making a conscious choice in leading sustainable lifestyles.

Second is public awareness. It is vital to talk, write, debate, discuss, and deliberate as much as we can on the topic of sustainability. In this manner, people become more aware of the pressing challenges and realities of our times and talk about ways to mitigate them. 

Collectively, when we embed sustainability in our internal consciousness and include it in our daily conversations, we will slowly become proactive in taking action towards living sustainably. 

We see these awareness and proactive efforts when we campaign, volunteer, and support various causes that are aligned with our personal values. With our actions, we influence people to manage their needs sustainably and in a way that will allow future generations to do the same.   

In the end, sustainability means improving your own home… and it STARTS with YOU.

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