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Man with hope

By Bernie Carl Pedregosa - Senior Coordinator

General Tuna Corporation

Live, Dream & Hope

“Hope rests in dreams, creativity, and the courage of individuals who dare to turn their dreams into reality,” Winston Churchill once stated.  The year 2021 has taught us to live, dream, and hope. Notwithstanding the pandemic that we are currently facing, we will rise, unite, and fight together. Being resilient, optimistic, and thankful for the gift of life are some attributes significant in achieving great things.

It is vital to keep believing, empowering, pushing ourselves to the limit, becoming better versions of ourselves, and working as a team in order to succeed. As Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. Our ingenuity is uncovered when we adapt to the situation, and values such as Respect for the Individual, Malasakit, and Pursuit of Excellence, should be embraced by leaders as they lead the team to greater heights.

As gathered from Dr. Spencer Johnson’s book, Who moved my cheese?, “The quicker you let go of old cheese , the sooner you find new cheese”. We must not hold on to the past. Rather, let ourselves flow like a river and sketch new paths when change happens. “When you move beyond fear, you feel free”. Only by conquering and letting go of our fears, by remaining focused and hopeful, will we be able to give our all.

I would not have succeeded if not for the unwavering support of my colleagues, especially the Production Team, headed by Ms. Lucrece Ugsang. Also, with Ms. Jo-ann Neri, Mr. Richard Cerillo, Ms. Teresita Parcon, Mr. Marlo Lepalem, Ms. Rosalie Andrada, Mr. Joel Saavedra, Ms. Herminia Narciso, Mr. Emmanuel Mernilo, Mr. Teddy Kho and the rest of GTC Mancom, whom all have been great mentors and leaders. To my Century Family, to Mr. Po and family, my warmest gratitude for giving me this opportunity to become a member of this great organization. With God’s Grace, and my family’s support, I have grown wiser and flourished within a short time of working in GENTUNA. 

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