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By Joanne Montalbo
HR Officer
Corporate HR

They are back!


For this year’s Kampilan & Kalasag Sales and Distribution Excellence Awards Night, the grand event was finally held back in-person at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria last May 2, 2022. After 2 years of having the event done virtually, everyone was excited to attend the program live.


The Kampilan & Kalasag Excellence Awards is an annual event that highlights the outstanding individuals, teams, and partners of Corporate Sales, Food Service, PMCI, and Global Brands that drove the achievement of both their personal and organization’s growth. Indeed, this awards night is the embodiment of our core values Passion for Excellence, Teamwork, and Entrepreneurial Spirit, and how all these reflect success.


Kampilan, a traditional single-edged longsword used notably by Lapu-Lapu and one that killed Ferdinand Magellan, is a symbol of prestige, power, and valor of a warrior on the battlefield. Just like the brave warriors that they are, our Kampilan awardees were honored for the dedication and hard work that they consistently displayed.


Kalasag, on the other hand, is a large native shield that warriors use to protect themselves in battle. A sword cannot win a fight alone, but must also need a trusty shield to depend on. It is a symbol of reliability-- a fitting representation of our distributor partners whose dependable contributions have strengthened the business greatly across the country. 


It is a privilege to present the champions of 2021 Kampilan & Kalasag Excellence Awards. May your relentless spirits scale every mountain you dare to climb. Congratulations!

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