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By Jessamine Sacilioc, Product Manager

General Odyssey Inc.

Meet Goodest Cat:
Our Very Own Pet Food Brand,
Only for the Goodest Pets

To nourish and delight everyone, everyday, everywhere – Century Pacific extended this mission not only for the Filipino people but also for our beloved fur-babies through our very own brand, Goodest Cat.

Goodest Cat served as CPFI’s entry into the pet food category, and was launched last October 2021. The brand comes in three flavors – Tender Tuna, Meaty Mackerel, and Chicken Chomp. Through various and extensive studies, we have created a meaningfully different brand that helps address several challenges that pet owners face: What nutrition do our fur-babies really need?. Goodest Cat aims to simplify pet parents’ options by offering all-in-one super food for their beloved cats because it offers complete and balanced nutrition that is recommended for all life stages, and more importantly, at an a-fur-dable price for only Php 26.15 per pouch! We are much more “a-fur-dable” than other leading brands, allowing cat owners to provide the needed quality nutrition to their fur-babies. Now, fur-parents worry less because there’s a trusted brand that they can rely on: Goodest.

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 4.52.55 PM.png

The brand is very proud of its achievements as we are making an impact not only to cat owners but also in our e-Commerce platforms. We have been ranked 3rd place in Shopee’s best selling pet food brands in some of their biggest campaigns, competing with brands that offer a full range of other pet food products. We have also maintained our high ratings in our e-Commerce platforms and continuously receive good reviews that customers also share across our social media platforms.


There are various reasons for fur-parents to love Goodest, but our credibility is our strong suit as we have partnered with veterinarians to formulate the best option that we can offer to our fur-babies. Now, we are able to slowly build our loyal consumers that serve as ambassadors for our brand. We are excited to see Goodest achieve its maximum potential and eventually become a well-known and preferred pet food brand in the market as well.

The Goodest team would like to thank the people who have been with us since the beginning, our CPFI family - the Executive Committee, Corporate R&D, Supply Chain and Logistics Division, Corporate Procurement, Corporate QA, Corporate Planning, Finance, Demand Planning, Domestic Sales Team (Sales Mancom, TMG, MT, GT, SSG, SFG, E-Commerce, ISA), Legal and Compliance, Corporate Tax, and  Human Resources, and General Tuna Corporation Team. We are grateful for all the support!

When choosing wet cat food, don’t just go for good – choose Goodest.

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