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Analyzing Data


By Joyce Vivien B. Espanola,

Sr HR Department Manager - Corporate HR

Holistic wellness has been a common theme especially with the heightened effects of the pandemic in our lives. People are now driven to adapt to the changing environment, or as people say, “the new normal”. 


Similarly, organizations too need to check on its organizational health by looking into the factors affecting organizational performance and gathering relevant feedback from its employees. 


Last June, we conducted our first ever CPG-wide Organization Health Assessment (OHA) Survey with the help of our external partner, Ancilla. This was launched with a letter from our President and CEO Ted Po where he highlighted the relevance of the survey, “We believe it is important to check the pulse of our organization to see how well we are doing and how we can continue improving. We see this as an opportunity to deepen the understanding of our strengths, how we live our values, and the way we work to become the springboard for our collective growth and improvement.”


This message garnered an unprecedented overall response rate of 99% out of 1,794 target respondents across the organization.Though the remote work set-up, limitations in technology, survey translation concerns, and tight work schedules posed roadblocks and challenges during implementation, this remarkable feat was still made possible, in just 2 weeks, with the collaboration and focused efforts of functional/business unit leaders and the HR community. 


The survey results showed a high level of commitment and morale among all survey respondents, which was primarily driven by the satisfaction of respondents on the following dimensions: core values, role clarity, customer orientation, managing performance, learning & growth, vision & direction, and support & resources. Equally, we also put focus on dimensions that can further drive our engagement levels higher. Such dimensions include recognition, safety, agility & innovation, planning & decision-making, relationships & conflict management, teamwork, communication, and respect. 


Through the results of this survey, we are able to confidently say that the majority of employees in the organization are satisfied and committed as shown through their interest in helping the company achieve its ambitious growth levels with the help of agility, continuous improvement, and innovation. Employees have strongly expressed their willingness to contribute through openly sharing ideas, giving feedback, and solving problems. They have also highlighted their need for more support in their professional growth & development, a safer and healthier work environment, and availability of tools & technology that would help them do their jobs better. 


We may be facing uncertain times, but with employees who are passionate, committed, and highly engaged, we can surely achieve superb results, the Century way!

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