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By Gary Jones Baybay
Senior Global Brands Area Sales and Marketing Manager
Global Brands

The Rookie Mindset


Brooklyn, New York - A role transition – whether a move to a new department, a promotion, or a special project in your existing role – can be a huge boost in your career or a chance for you to thrive. Normally what happens is that (you know it – tell me it’s true!) you apply your experience and skills to the new role, make sure you are well-liked by your new teammates, and secure a few big wins in the first couple of months to prove what you are capable of.

In August 2022, I was given the opportunity to move and work with the Global Brands team. Not only did I transfer to a new department, but I also had to relocate and be based here in the United States.


June 2022 - Prior to my official transfer, I was very fortunate to meet the whole North America team in Chicago, Illinois. I was with them to observe, work with them during the Kehe Holiday Show for UnMeat, do trade visits, and attend client calls and meetings at Philippine Standard Time (man.. that was the toughest!). Jet lag, push selling during the convention without lunch break, multiple meetings in the evening once we were back in the hotel – I was officially a part of the “No Sleep Gang”.  It was physically hard for me at first but I was very happy and excited.

After the trip, I realized the challenges that I had to face and even up until this day:

  • The different sales processes and protocols in managing customers (principles are the same but NOT in processes and protocols)

  • My knowledge of the US Market

  • Adjusting to the culture

  • New line managers  (Yes, I have 2!) 

  • Negotiation – not only on the process but also on the culture

  • Coordinating with my teammates in a different timezone

  • Securing big wins along the way as I adjust to my new role

I am a ROOKIE (again)…


I told myself that I needed to be a rookie again. This is a fresh start, new energy, and I wanted to push myself to have a new and different mindset.


 For me, having a Rookie Mindset means: 

  • Asking a lot of questions – The experience and confidence we have built over the years has led to opinion stasis, where it's hard for us to change our ways. People with opinion stasis often pick their group or friends accordingly, and make sure they carry the same views and opinions, making it even harder to get fresh ideas into their minds. If you are a rookie, you’ll likely want to learn from as many experts as possible. After all, you have little to no clue on how to start in the first place.

  • You are in learning mode. Be curious!

  • You are open to innovate and improvise, if needed.

  • You don’t have an ego – you try to find ways to help the team. As I always say, “whatever it takes to help”.

  • You focus on the fundamentals and principles rather than just completely following processes.

  • I am the first line of attack.

  • Be Relentless. Hustle, hustle, hustle. As Sir Greg Banzon always tells us, “Play to win”.


I am only at the start of my journey. I hope to be able to write and share more of my stories soon. 


And I shall say it again:
It’s not bad to be a ROOKIE again.

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