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Niche, a new section of Centurion, to keep in touch with everyone on a personal level -- to rekindle an old passion, to share the same excitement, or to chance upon a new craft. Niche, defined as a place for which a person is best fitted, serves as our people's nest -- a sanctuary where anyone can share one's thoughts, be free, and will be listened to. It is in this segment that CPFI employees are encouraged to share with everyone their random musings, new found passions, or simply brilliant ideas. Connect with us, engage with others, and discover how enjoyable it is to share your niche.

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By Joseph Kennedy Salcedo
Assistant Product Manager
Sardines Marketing

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Many Firsts and Definitely Not the Last

Direk, I’m Ready for More Mature Roles! 

From a Management Trainee to a Product Manager

By Judy Anne Culangan
Product Manager
Sardines Marketing

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Career Shift

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Featured Employee Stories

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