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The Philippines'
Best Employers 2023

By Corporate HR

In the top 9%: Century Pacific ranked in PH Daily Inquirer’s Best Employers 2023

While we’re on the subject of crossing borders, Century Pacific crossed a major one this year. In a survey released last October by The Philippine Daily Inquirer, in partnership with international research organization Statista, Century Pacific Food was listed in The Philippines' Best Employers for 2023 ranked 55th out of the top 300 companies.


This was part of a massive study which spanned hundreds of companies across 27 industries. A total of 11,000 employees were included in the final sample, with tens of thousands of evaluations, and thousands of employee opinions making up the bulk of the survey. 


Of the companies included in the study, only those that scored in the top 9% were included in the list. The scores could range from 10 as the maximum and 1 as the minimum, with CPFI scoring an impressive 8.86, placing it 55th overall and 4th in its category industry. 


Aside from the total score of the employer brand, overall rankings were also decided through employee opinions on various aspects of their jobs. This segment of the study consisted of 25 questions related to salary, work-life balance, work environment, employer reputation, and more. As the respondents answered anonymously, they were free of any pressure from their employers, ensuring complete honesty in the opinions provided.

“The list reflects the ranking of the country’s best-rated employers as evaluated by their employees,” stated Philippine Daily Inquirer CEO Rudyard Arbolado. “With the pandemic having a grave impact on employees and businesses, the employers on the list are to be lauded for being cited among the best. This is a demonstration of the employers’ values and care for their employees.” 


For those who are about to enter the workforce or are already employees in these top-evaluated companies, this list serves as a way of highlighting which employers are most recommended to work for. It really goes to show that when people are treated well, they are happy to talk about it.

Best Employer 2023

To have CPFI ranked so highly in the country’s top 300 best employers is nothing short of a victory for this organization. This ranking is a testament not just to our leadership, but also to every single person that makes up the CPFI family. Regardless of their position in the company, the vibrant workplace culture that has flourished in CPFI to this day is possible thanks to every employee that works here.

When we cross borders, we recognize it as a step towards the future. We see them as milestones, breaking up the journey we’ve traveled across several decades into specific pinpoints in time. As humble as this achievement might seem, this is one of those pinpoint moments. It’s an achievement that reflects the CPFI experience, and it’s only a matter of time before that 55 turns into a 1. 

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