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By Donna Marie Morales
Culinary Services Department Manager
Culinary Services

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Si-Log Made Sassy

Meal prep is a challenge for many of us as we navigate through hybrid work setups. And though the pandemic lockdowns have produced self-taught cooks learning from YouTube and TikTok videos, there are still those who struggle with putting together a substantial meal especially with a busy schedule and limited budget.  

To help us with this dilemma, one fail-proof dish that we can always go to is the Si-Log, or a combination of sinangag or garlic fried rice and iltog or egg, cooked any style, and an ulam or viand which can be any savoury meat or fish. The beauty of the Si-Log is that it can be enjoyed from breakfast to dinner and to some, it is a great post-drinking session hangover cure.  

To enjoy Si-Log any time of the day every day, we need to snazz it up to add variety and make it more enjoyable. One way is by adding a delicious yet easy to prepare sauce that can crossover any Si-Log combo. Here is Angel Evaporada’s version of bac-si-log as inspired by a popular food cart chain, and with a special sauce that you can easily whip up in your own kitchens. Happy cooking!

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Angel Special Sauce:

4 tablespoons - unsalted butter

8 tablespoons - quick-melt cheese

1 cup - Angel Evaporada

   few drops of liquid seasoning


Rice topping:

4 cups  - garlic fried rice

1-200 grams - Swift Delicious Bacon, pan-fried

     and roughly chopped

4 eggs - fried sunny side-up


Si-Log options: Century Tuna, Argentina Corned Beef, Hunt’s Pork & Beans


  • Melt butter in a pan over low heat. Add cheese and cook while stirring continuously until thick. 

  • Pour in Angel Evaporada. Continue cooking over low heat until it simmers. Add few drops of liquid seasoning, stir again then turn off the heat.

  • To serve: Scoop cooked rice into bowls. Top with fried bacon and egg. Drizzle with the special sauce to finish.

  • Serves 4

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