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By Roma Anne Milagros Yatco, Management Trainee

Corporate HR 

Century Cares - This is the message and reason that underlies many, if not all, of corporate-wide initiatives of CPFI. More recently, amidst the pandemic, this has taken form in Project Oplan Ligtas Lahat (OLL), a company-wide health and wellness effort that sheds light on and aims to protect employees against COVID-19. With the objective to achieve herd immunity through maximum voluntary vaccination of employees and outsourced workers, this project started with an information drive in March 2021 and is currently in its latest stage: booster shot vaccinations. 

Upon the approval of the USA FDA and CDC to roll out booster shots late last year, the OLL team also started planning and preparing to provide another layer of protection for the CPFI community. Due to the continuous mutation and new strains of the virus, booster shots are essential in reinforcing our immunity. Staying true to the message that Century Cares, the OLL team has continuously been working hard to cater to the needs of not just its employees, but of their dependents as well. 

To date, the company has released multiple materials regarding booster shots, held a number of Town Hall sessions, and set up over 13 vaccination sites where booster shots are administered. Though much has already been accomplished, the team, together with the rest of the world, acknowledges that the battle has not yet been won.

The OLL team, with the rest of the CPG family, invites the entire CPFI community to join us not just in boosting our immunity, but also everyone’s spirits.

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