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By Jemelie Chua

This 2022, Century Pacific Food Inc. boldly goes head on against the leading adult nutritional supplement powder drink brands in the market by launching its very own Birch Tree Advance for Filipino seniors. It matches the nutritional value of the leading brand line by line, but sells at a much more affordable price.

Being one of the hardest hit groups in this pandemic, our Filipino seniors are the most vulnerable and in need of age-appropriate nutrition. Many claim that they underdose or minimize their daily milk intake in their efforts to make every pack of the product last longer. The mission of this project is to democratize the expensive adult nutrition supplement drink category so that our elders can have the specialized nutrition they need daily and in the proper amount. 

Birch Tree Advance has Activ3+ Complex – a unique combination of muscle and bone-support nutrients, immunity-support nutrients, Omega-3 and Omega-6. It uses two kinds of proteins to help build muscle mass. By consuming protein, the body breaks it down into amino acids that are then used to repair and grow new muscle fibers – a benefit that is much needed by Filipino consumers in their advanced age.

The range was first made available earlier this year in Visayas, but will be expanding its presence to more doors in the next few months. The expansion will be supported for the first time in CPFI’s history by a strong medical marketing campaign, backed by local health care professionals for increased awareness and credibility. In-trade and on-ground, samples will also be given out to seniors and to the working children of the elderly who consistently supply them with their adult nutritional supplement drink. 
Watch out for this exciting range on shelf in more doors, including e-commerce platforms! 

Birch Tree Advance.png

This ambitious project to enter a new category and turn the idea into a product we can now see on shelves was only made possible through the hard work, perseverance, and teamwork across different divisions! We are grateful for your support and dedication! 

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